Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ruling the Roost

After winning £250 on the union raffle and the Easter egg at work, I am imagining that my third windfall is about to arrive. It came in another form however, after fierce winds overnight, we receive a phone call from Windermere Lake officials to say that our boat has broken its moorings, they have set it on land for now. This may involve paying for a new mooring position, however, there is a one nearby which hasn`t been used for 12 months, we are allowed to use that until we get another. We are waiting to hear how much this is all going to cost. Also the front fence is in danger of falling over. D resolves this "For now" and uses rope to tie one of the fence posts to a nearby tree. We`ll see how long "For now" lasts

Chico, our new pet is surprising everyone by copying the phone ringing, he answers with Hello, then a garbled mix of human words ending in Bye. He has taken a bath in his water dish and soaked everything around him, but he`s sooooo cute. Son P and daughter in law B have stayed over the holiday from Thursday, they brought their trainers with them as they intended to go out jogging, B developed a bad cold and it began to snow so they didn`t get much past out local Jingling Gate. We were out for a meal on Friday, and she treated us to her fabulous chilli chicken dish on Saturday night. It all comes around too quickly and they return to their own home on Sunday evening. They left wearing their trainers.

We are back to the insults between D & G. G is about to leave the house, is wearing his grey cap, he looks at Chico through the bars of the cage, the bird rushes towards him.

G "Look, he thinks I`m another bird, he thinks the peak of my cap looks like another bird"
D " Yeah, he thinks you look like a bald eagle."

We laugh and Chico copies the sounds.

If this bird doesn`t pick up their insults, I`ll eat My hat.

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