Saturday, 22 March 2008

I Believe I can Fly

We discuss the possibility of buying a bird of some description. I suggest a shop that is on Shields Road, but D informs me that there is a breeder Parrotcare in Bedlington who teaches the birds to crap in their own cages, and even when they are out flying around the house, they will return to their cage to do this. But, when I see them flying free, I think it`s cruel to cage any bird. But D thinks it will be ok to let it fly around in here. This is coming from someone who while passing through as I was watching Life of Birds, said

D "That`s a funny eye"
Y "It`s a bird laying an egg."

D threatens to cook a chilli for tea, as he always mulches the ingredients within an inch of their lives in the mixer, G says "Don`t make any for me `cos it`ll be mush" Surprisingly, it`s lovely and G samples it.

The shop at Bedlington is open at 12.00, so D leaves the house at 11.30 for a 15 minute journey, he is going to make sure that he is first there. P & B are home for the weekend and we are in the sitting room with G, who repeatedly rings his father on the mobile to check if he has bought one. D returns with a massive silver cage, two bags of food and Chico, an African Grey. The parrot is looking out at us from a kind of carrying case with a metal grid, D says that he was given this free. When I check the receipt, it was £10. The breeder has advised us to leave him in the cage for a couple of days until he gets used to our surroundings, hence, D stands in front of the cage twittering at the creature. When I draw his attention to this.
Y "Leave the bird alone for it`s sake."
D " Go and make a cup of tea for my sake."

Returning to Life of Birds, Dunnocks are featured, we have some of these little creatures in the clematis in the back garden nesting. I was amazed to learn that the female has a particular talent for mating with a chosen male, after he has left, she can expel the sperm, go on to mate with other males, and each one is under the impression that he is the father. She is thus ensured that her babies will have enough food supplied by many gullible partners who run around after her. I believe that there is a name for such a person in the human world., but with the advent of DNA testing this is becoming more difficult.

It`s not long before D & G lock horns over the parrot`s future vocabulary.

G " I`m going to teach it how to say Fat boy."
D " I`ll teach him to say Baldy boy."
Y Laughs
D " Well we all know what Chico will learn from you Y, the Windows start up tune."
Y "Ha, ha, very funny."

At first Chico is a little shy, but copies the odd clicking sound. Then as he becomes more comfortable we hear lazer, bell, alarm clock, laughing, ring tones and Hello and Come on. D rushes out to Jolleys Pet Shop and returns with a climbing contraption, 3 pieces of log joined together by rope. He enjoys scanning Wikepaedia for tips on rearing and feeding, he learns that avocados are poisonous to parrots and that there is cyanide in apple pips, well I never!!!

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