Monday, 3 March 2008

Male Dominated Society

We go to the pub with pals I and husband M. M asks me what book I am reading at the moment, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, I reply, It`s in comic strip style and gives a humorous view but also informative and shocking in parts. The author grew up in the midst of the Iran revolution. D and pal I look suitably bored,

D "Yes, what`s that all about wearing that.....?"
M "Bhurka...hijab?"
D "Yes, it looks like they`ve just stuck a paper bag over their heads, and it`s a disgrace the way they treat the women, don`t allow them their own opinions."
M "And in some cases the women are burned or killed."
I "Honour killings"
Y "Nothing new about that in our culture also, for those that have plenty of money that is. What did happen to Marilyn Monroe, and who was that girl who drowned after her car went over the bridge, Edward Kennedy was having an affair with her? And we still don`t really know what happened to Lady Di."

D is still expressing his disgust at male dominance over women. Then suddenly remembers one evening last week, he informs M that he went to bed before me. I was watching a late edition of the Book Show on Sky Arts. D stood at the top of the stairs oblivious to the fact that G was in bed alseep.

D "The bed`s not made, there are no covers or sheets on it!"
Y "They`re in the cupboard."(forgot to put new ones on when I stripped it earlier)
D " Well, I can`t do it, you`ll have to sort it out"
G "Shut up you noisy sod!"

Friend I is guffawing by now, "He can`t see the irony can he" she screeches with laughter. Laughing so hard, we glance from one to the other incredulous. D takes another sip of his lager. Friend I has to lie down on the sofa, crying and in obvious pain.

D "What`s she laughing at?"
M " D lives at 64 Afghan Drive"
We laugh again
D "Does anyone fancy a cheese toasty?"

I`ve discovered YouTube. my favourite clips are Snowball the dancing cockatoo who struts his stuff to Backstreet Boys, Bull Terrier vs Cat, shows a sly moggy get the better of a boisterous dog to the tune of Benny Hill`s chasing song and the Emmerson family in chorus with Chorpy Chorpy Cheepnis. They are all gathered together in their sitting room, the granny sits in the middle of the sofa holding a bottle with rice or something inside and uses it as a musical instrument. The main character, in typical Geordie fashion is at the head of it all "As daft as a brush" whipping them all up. Yes, It`s cheesy, but you can`t help but admire their enthusiasm, solidarity and closeness. A blast from the past when families held their own entertainment, who of us today can claim to have regular get togethers?

The family are showcased on local TV, the granny is mortified when she drops her bottle onto the floor mid interview, but main character to the rescue, he picks it up and nuts it into the air. Love the shirt by the way.

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