Thursday, 20 March 2008

No Place Like Home

D is trying out his new cordless earphones, apparently Ferry Across the Mersey is playing, I don`t recognise the tune, but the words are familiar. It sounds like a cat maowing. I suggest that we go out for a run in the car.

I take my camera with me, I have a couple of addresses I want to check out against my family tree. We pass the old glass works where an uncle of mine had been a glass blower. Next, the electricity power station:-

D "When I was a kid I used to think that this was where prisoners went to the electric chair."

Bentinck Road goes by....

D "Wacky Jacky used to live up this street, can you remember him, he used to say" Is it bleeding?" I wonder why it is that the memory retains so much crap, and yet I had asked him to pick my jacket up from the cleaners and he forgot.

The Redheugh Bridge is next, the old bridge stood right next to where the Arena stands now, and it`s concrete replacement is rubbish. After more photos taken we go over the bridge, the toll house building is still there, but the old streets have long gone.

It`s quite a blustery day, we carry on to Tynemouth where D`s ancestors had lived on Percy Park, just across the road from the Priory. I have as many snaps to put with my census records so we go home.

Back home, D is watching A place in the Sun, Spain and Portugal are featured, tales of Brits who have lost their life savings on properties which the Spanish repossess because they decide to use the land for a new development. Yes, there`s alot to be said for our own country, we moan about this and that, but this kind of robbery would not happen. I am definitely one for staying where you heart is, and in the words of Gerry and the Pacemakers

"And this land`s the land I love and here I`ll stay."

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