Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Whitby Harbour

It`s been four years since we last visited Whitby, I`ve been looking through old photos. It`s a fabulous place to visit, very gothic in places, but lots of cafe`s and wonderful views from the ruin at the top.In some parts, the winding streets remind me of Cornwall. We will need to consider places nearer home for this year`s holidays, or more to the point... days out, after all of the cash we`ve paid out. But maybe there is an end in sight, I was the only member of staff from the nursery to attend the Unison AGM this week, just got there on time. On signing in everyone was given a free lottery ticket to be drawn at the end of the meeting (presumably to keep them there to the end) There were lots of interesting accounts of work done in Cuba and Columbia, theatre groups run by special needs members and the beleagured equal pay status issue. However, as soon as the finance report was to be read, about 30 people near the back beggared off. One of them must have had the winning ticket, so another ticket was picked... mine... number 525, I won £250, I`ve never won as much in my life. Husband D is cock a hoop with the win, we might even get as far as a weekend in London!!! Of course the little waster G was hovering in the background hoping for a windfall, but decided to pinch a bottle of Beck`s from the fridge while his father was otherwise engaged.

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