Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Searching for keys

On my way out to town this morning, looked for my door keys. Not in my handbag, pocket, purse, not in the bedroom, bathroom or on the stairs. checked both the back and front door locks, then looked in all of the afore mentioned places again, bugger I`m going to miss the bus. (Fortunate that there wasn`t a fire) Found them on the kitchen drainer and was late for the bus.

Pensioners at the stop at 9.15 all frightened to get on the next bus because "It`s not 9.30 yet."
I really can`t see the problem, everyone has long since left for work, the bus turns up with about half a dozen people on board, and there`s a queue half a mile long waiting for "The next one" I suppose they don`t want to be labelled as Twirlys (Am I too early) What I really can`t stand is the bus driver who watches obvious 80/90 year olds struggle to board, then insists on the pass being shown, by the poor old sods as they rifle through their pockets. I strike up a conversation with one old fella, he confides that since he aquired his free bus pass he has put all of his busfares in a jar and now has amassed £400. I buy a £2.90 day pass and leave them all behind.

I meet my friend Dorothy for coffee in our usual Laboca Art Cafe, it`s our favourite place, we love the owner, he sometimes insults us for our dithering. I had ordered the coffees and sat back down, we were engrossed in our conversation, then we both sat bolt upright as he shouted at the top of his voice "PROSTITUTE" we stared at him, our eyebrows up in our hairline. "There, got your attention that time, I`ve asked three times if you want milk" Fabulous.

After tea David and I set to painting the stairs, our son is conspicuous by his absence. My husband has taken off his shirt and trousers and is sitting on the sofa in his shorts. Our beloved well mannered son walks through the sitting room on his way upstairs and comments "Who let Jabba the Hutt in here?" then laughs at his own joke. David tells him to piss off.

And another happy day in the Young`s household. My keys will be put on the key holder tonight, and I`m having a long lie in tomorrow.

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Brilliant, more of it.