Monday, 12 March 2007

Another day, another diet

Out for a meal, i ate prawn cocktail, hunters chicken and a creme brulee, what a combination, it did quell some pangs of guilt to notice a side salad on the plate, but then again this was Saturday and i had promised to cut down on Monday. Anyway, my daughter in law Bobbi does a mean breakfast, she part cooks the sausage and bacon, then adds the eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes so that it makes a well held together circle of fabulous fry up. We eat it with toast and a tasty chilli sauce (made by Bobbi`s mother Sonia)

Paul and Bobbi were out with their friends for a birthday party in town, they got back about 3.00, but i was already awake since 2.30. They crept very quietly in, but i still lay there for another half an hour, with no hope of sleep. This is where the compulsive obsessive part comes in. I recently joined both Genes Reunited and I have found the subject of geneology like knitting a jumper, I can`t wait to complete the next line, only I don`t knit, but you get the picture.

I once made an attempt at knitting a jumper for my husband when we were engaged to be married, it was dark plum and had more holes than my granny`s lace curtains, and when i reached the neck it stood bolt upright like a fisherman`s smock. He dutifully wore it when we joined his mother for a coffee. She stared at him wearing my creation, and then asked "David, would you like me to borrow the pattern from Yvonne, but I`ll finish the neck off in the way I knit your father`s jumpers." As I smirked at this remark, David turned to me and said "What are you laughing at?" I was forced to lie and muttered something about a comical incident at work.

He`s never changed, still putting his foot in it, but only nowadays, his comments are intentional to wind everyone up like clockwork dolls. My eldest son is still living at home, the pair of them thoroughly enjoy insulting eachother at every opportunity. My husband is, how shall I say, of portly appearance, and my slim, fashion conscious and has a receding hairline, which he remedies by shaving it all off. They have both not yet moved past the age of 12. The conversations go on like this.

G "Morning tubs"
D "Morning baldy"
G (sings) "Tinky Winky,Dave Young, La La, Po"
D (Smooths own hair in a mincing fashion and sings) "Gilette, the best a man can get......why don`t you grow your hair back in?"
G "I will when I find a cure for baldness"

One of them supports Newcastle and the other Arsenal. The rivalry begins when the matches coincide on TV. G used to take the sky card round to a friend`s house to use it on the sport`s channel, but we don`t have that trouble now as he prefers to watch at the pub. Small mercies.
My husband is stamping on the floor, it is 2.00am. spoilsport.

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