Saturday, 10 March 2007

Warning Signs

Being of a certain age myself, i have begun to notice, not only the "top of the stairs" phenonmena creeping in,(Getting to the top and forgetting why I am there) but also the hoarding of too tight clothes, in the hope that i will some day get into them. Last week i attended the wedding of a friend`s daughter, the dress and blouse style suit which i picked out from between a crammed full wardrobe of old tat, was groaning between the buttons. i sewed a plastic popper between each button. As i could only manage to pull the zip of the skirt up halfway, i used the loop which is used to hang the item up with, sewed it to the other side and hoped that i would not have to be taken to hospital that day. Or that i would not become too drunk so that i wouldn`t remember how to cut myself out of it afterwards. At the wedding, the usual slinky young ladies were milling around looking gorgeous,I was tempted to take a photo of one of them, pin it to the fridge door. And so another diet was planned to "Start on Monday." I showed my husband my first attempt at Blogging, after reading it, no mention of praise, or any discussion on my literary adventures, he simply commented "You haven`t got any old tat, only new tat that you haven`t worn."

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