Saturday, 2 August 2008

Pieces I`ve ate

The parrot has had his first taste of flesh. Brother D and sister in law A were round last night, my son and daughter in law P & B home for the weekend and everyone merry with much quaffing of ale. Chico flew into the kitchen and engaged in his party trick, throwing a selection of spoons onto the floor then watching sideways on as they hit the floor. When he flew back to his cage, brother D made the mistake of trying to put his finger through the bars, birdie drew blood, then as D was telling him off with his nose a little too close for comfort, he hooked his beak into the soft undersides of D`s nose, then fluffed himself up making clucking noises. Fascinating how much blood. He`s also gnawed his way through two wooden toys held up by string.

Chico has also developed a liking for Dusty Springfield hits, swings and sways around to Stay A While and I Only Want to be with You. Bought it at Woolworth`s for £2.97. odd price.

Driving to work 6.45 Friday morning, not far from the house, a tiny black poodle was running on the road towards us, soaking wet, obviously lost, I asked husband D to pick it up and put it in our kitchen until we got back from work. He refused "We`ll be late for work." I explained that I would find out where it was from, but no,he thought that once it was in our house, if nobody claimed it that I`d want to keep it. Told sister in law A, she agreed with me, poor animal, wonder where it is now, hope he didn`t get run over.

I suspect that eldest son G has a girlfriend. Telltale signs:-

1. Asked me where I worked (Been in this job for 4 years)
2. 2 bottles of Rose in the fridge. (He usually nicks ours)
3. Room is tidy and bedding changed.
4. Asked if we would be going out on Saturday night.

Husband D has just downloaded Geordie`s Lost His Liggy for a ring tone, I`m well pissed off because I have a crap phone which hasn`t enough memory, had previously tried to use Auf Weidershen Pet song. He`s playing it to the bird. He`s got one of the Blackberry phones which he never uses, charges it up every night, won`t swap with mine.

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