Monday, 18 August 2008

Naked truth

Just got back from Benwell Library, been helping out listing old photos and maps. Called in to one of those cheap shops that sell everything from scourers to food to furnishings. In the toy section, a chain saw complete with pretend blood on the blade, yuk. But I did watch Hellboy last night on channel 5, excellent film, but some gory bits,the Nazi metal faced character who can flick blades from his arms was chopping down everyone in sight. Great line from Hellboy himself "I`m fireproof." New film out on 20th Aug, must go to see that.

Also worth watching was Queen and Paul Rodgers in concert, that Paul is still a sexy sod. I remember before we were married, D and I went to see him when he was with Free at Newcastle Guildhall, it was the early 70`s. By contrast Pompous Sewell (Catchphrase:- "It`s hideous.") is in a programme soon to be screened The Naked Pilgrim, a clip shows him, back view, showing off his skinny middle class arse, stepping into the sea. He once visited Newcastle and they took him to The Strawberry pub near the football ground, needless to say he found fault with most things here. Let`s hope that he keeps his strawberry well covered during the show, now that would be hideous. He`s actually a good photographer, check out

Sewell did say that he was impressed by Geordie pride. It`s always commented upon, the Geordie hospitality and friendliness. But, my sister in law told me about a poor woman who collapsed during Bingo recently. The crowd became angry when the game was stopped for the ambulance crew to take her away. So, nowt`s changed from the good old knitting around the guillotine times.

My bulk mail has increased, probably due to the time I spend online. The usual replica handbags, watches and erectile pills adverts

A lad in a Micky Mouse suit was hauled away with his arms behind his back by police in Disneyland Los Angeles. His crime, protesting against the latest pay deal from Disney`s. Accomplices included Tinkerbell, Snow White and Cinderella. They are now in negotiations with the union.

Son G came in the backdoor and went straight up to his room without a by your leave, kiss my arse or even a commoner gardener hello. I assumed he was still up there and shouted G, the bird answered "Wo". G had pissed off out the front door.

D "He treats this house like a bloody hotel."

Bedding is changed again,so must warn D that G may be entertaining again, just in case he runs from the bathroom doing a Sewell.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

pompous sewell, l think is Brian sewell..who l would be on my top ten dinner companions.....but whats the connectionos his sewell photos a relation??

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

ahh..l've found the sewell blog...but it cant be brian sewell the Art critic, evening standard bloke, posh sounding toff, with great divisive homour? l'm intrigued!


Yvonne Young said...

Hi, Yes, your right, just checked, so relieved that Sewell is in fact an artless prat, who can only make sad comments on the talented. I keyed in "photos of Brian Sewell" on Google and failed to notice that the clips were of and by. Still will keep the blog as I love the photos.
Just checked out your blog, your a great photographer, love the breakfast table, flowers and fashion pics.
It`s great to find other women blogging, I find it a great stress buster, haven`t been blogging for long, but thanks for adding me to your list. Just away to add your links to mine.
Take care