Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Parrot Power

After two weeks of the horrible lurgy cold which every other person I speak to is suffering from, I`m at last feeling a little more human again. Our parrot has copied my guffawing sounds, but it`s not my fault that he is now asking "Where are the controls?" I can`t take the blame for that as I hardly watch TV, except for Mock the Week and a couple of other favourites. D will watch anything, gets withdrawal symptoms if there is nothing on he likes and will trawl up and down the channels until he does find something and if I suggest maybe just turning the set off he just about takes to his bed.

I`ve managed to fill in an application form for a new job, did my first slide show for around 200 people, a puppet show and drawing activities with a group of kids at the library. Going to be involved in a project by Richard Bliss called Journeys Home which will result in a short film to be screened in the old Miner`s Institute building in town. It will be a mix of poems, stories, singing and music. Also Tyneside Associated Drama are staging a short film, I`m probably chosing to do a monologue for that.

I`m quite keen on writing monologues at the moment and poetry has been given the elbow for the time being. But my obsession with writing books, note pads and stickits is driving me mad. I have so many things on the go at the moment and trying to put them in order is a nightmare. Went into Stationery Box and noticed 5 folders, buy one pack get one free. So now I have 10 more folders which I have split various writing projects into. Now I find myself scratting around for one and wading through all of this crap to find the one I need. I watched Sky Arts, The Book Show, an author who was ambling through her 17th century home which looked out onto a stream and ancient trees. She wandered into her study which was got up with wall height book cases, computer desk fitted around two walls and LOADS OF SPACE. However in my rabbit hutch house I have things stuffed under a coffee table and dozens of those jute bags stuffed to capapcity. I`m going mad. It doesn`t help that eldest son G has moved house, but left bags of stuff and a wardrobe full of clothing that he "hasn`t got space for." so he craps our gaff up.

This morning, as I was feeling a little better, I gathered all of G`s stuff up into bin liners and intend dropping them off at his place before the weekend. I have a Benwell reunion this Saturday to go to and friend K is here from Suffolk and will be staying with us. P & B are home too and will be at ours also. G has left a home fitness contraption with weights on the back in our spare room and has promised to take it away, but it doesn`t look like it`s going anywhere fast either!!

Halloween falls on the reunion this year so I have white table cloths to put out with black lace over the top, spookily decorated paper plates and bowls, a couple of green bowls with spider motifs etc. I`ve laminated lots of old photos and scenes from the old area where we were brought up. I`ll get down to the venue earlier to put them on the walls. Some people are getting dressed up, so needless to say I`ll be there with the camera. Watch this space.


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