Saturday, 14 November 2009

All of a Tangle

Can`t believe some of the things I`ve seen on T.V. this week, someone paid £38 for a slice of Andrew and Fergie`s wedding cake on Flog It, a person attempted to smuggle 1,000 spiders through airport control, pity the poor sod who opened the case!!

The Benwell Reunion was brilliant. As I took over from Husband D`s cousin L, I decided to ask everyone to bring one item of food with them so that we could share. Wasn`t expecting much, but put two trellis tables out, we needed three. Also lots of people donated raffle prizes. We have enough money to pay for hiring the Fire Station again next year and for some costumes and hats. Must have Halloween next year again, loved some of the spooky dresses.

Saw Carol Ann Duffy in the King`s Hall, love her writing, my favourite is Last Post. I haven`t written poems for ages,but very interested in the Journey`s Home project. Also have been really busy with recording memories and scanning photos for my next book on Elswick.

On Friday November 6th I was invited to the official opening of the new Central Library.The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh did the honours. She is a very warm and playful person, she put us at our ease, even when we all bobbed at different beats, we looked like a set of those Fisher Price wooden people that kids bat with a hammer. She asked us about the book we were reading. There were musicians who played Water of Tyne and a group of singers who sounded lovely. The buffet was fab and we all had a couple of glasses of wine.

My book is fresh off the press and available in Fenwick, Discovery Museum, Robinson`s in Grainger Market, Mr Brandrres Newsagents and Benwell Post Office. Sales are going well. The launch was well attended at the Carnegie Building and I was well chuffed that Des Walton spoke about local history and his involvement with the West Newcastle Picture History Group.

Spent the morning at St James Church Hall, I love this building and although I`m not religious I believe that we should help to preserve our heritage. We covered the walls in the hall with white paper, hung fabrics and cut holly from the graveyard for decoration. Next week we will put on crafts sessions, slide shows and food. Hope it attracts some folks.

Went to the knitting club at the Tyneside Cinema, haven`t been for a while. I still have a baby jumper on the needles. There are no babies to knit for, but I didn`t want to sicken myself too early by attempting an adult version. However, once I got up to decreasing at the armhole, I couldn`t concentrate. After a couple of wines and good conversation I was dropping stitches. So this time I am knitting a scarf, nothing simpler, going back and forwards with nothing mathematical involved. I did buy one of those dolly bobbins with four nails on the top which, in theory, your supposed to wond wool around, pull the loops over and a cord of knitting appears through the hole at the bottom. I couldn`t get to first base as husband D took it from me.

D "I know how to do this."
(Pal Irene called around and tried to take it from him.)
I "Give it here, you`re pulling it too tight"
D "No I`m not,give ower."
I "Look, what did I tell you...he`s snapped the stick!!"
(D had clipped the point from the wooden tool)
I "Piss off and give it here, Y, have you got a cocktail stick?"
(D beats her to it to fetch a cocktail stick and snaps that too)
I "Bloody useless!"

We all have a try, but it is pulled out half a dozen times and we all give up. Nancy rings and I tell her about our efforts.

N "Meet me tomorrow outside the Fairholm Club and I`ll take you to Benwell Hall crafts group.

I learn how to do the peg knitting and someone else shows me how to crochet, I leave with a ball of green wool and a wonky square. It`s a start. For twenty pence I get a cup of tea, a piece of fruit cake and a shortbread biscuit.

Back home Irene calls round again and I show her my crochet square, minus a hook, which I had borrowed at the club. She tells D

I "Right, you give me a lift round home and I`ll give you a crochet hook."
I pick the hook up ready to continue with my masterpiece and promptly drop it between the cushions of the chair. As they are not removable cushions, it`s gone forever, right into the bowels of the chair. Well I tried!!!!

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