Monday, 5 October 2009

It`s My Life (Tyne Bridge Publishing)

Around ten months ago I noticed an ad in a local paper. To commemorate the opening of the new library in town, they were asking for memories of the 60`s. I sent in a piece of around 500 words, then thought no more about it. I was chuffed to receive an e mail invitation to the launch event which began with the words "Dear Contributor." The book is very well put together and a thoroughly good read.

I really enjoyed the Tyne Bridge Publishing book launch of "It`s My Life." Guest speakers and contributors, John Steel from The Animals (The first record I bought was House of the Rising Sun) and Ray Laidlaw from Lindisfarne. They both gave amusing accounts of their bands and the times. A constant slide show of images from the book and popular music played, there was wine, olives and nibbles. I met some great people and caught up with others, Annie Moir was there. She has had success with her poetry book Prague Soup.

Had a great night at the Lamplight Centre at Stanley. Steve Urwin organises spoken word events and slams here. A really good mix of styles in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Will be going here again.

I`m going off on one, sorry!! Regarding shit shuvelers!

Last week I looked out from my window to see a couple with a dog.They were meandering around the field in front of my house. She had a carrier bag in her hand. Pretending that she was a considerate pet owner. She watched her shit machine crap on the grass, did a couple of corkscrew movements to check that no one was watching, then walked off with her unused carrier bag!!

Today, on my way to the bus stop I walked past a dog dropping all neatly tied up in an orange nappy sack. Is this pet owner any better than the first. Actually picking it up, again pretending to give a shit about their environment, then "Oh, oops, I`ve dropped it by MISTAKE. Ah well, I didn`t really have any intentions of putting it in my own wheely bin." So, now, some poor sod on his way home from the pub will go his length on a plastic covered plod. But, am I any better.....I should have shouted at the first couple? Or should I have been a responsible, green, environmentally friendly citizen and put it in my own bin? Sorry about that, but now that`s done, back to civilised conversing.

Thursday at 6.00 p.m. at Central Library, Craig Bradley (That Poetry Bloke) will be entertaining to celebrate National Poetry Day. Then I`ll be dashing down to the Jazz Cafe` for Pink Lane Performance. I`m reading a couple of poems and a short, short story.

Pink Lane Performance at the Jazz Cafe` on Thursday 8th, great place to be.

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