Sunday, 11 October 2009

National Poetry Day (Week)

Gerard Rudolph read from his new book Orphaned Latitudes to a packed crowd at Gallery North at University of Northumbria. He was supported by other fine poets. His work is able to conjure up the images of the places he speaks of. Published by Squirrel Press "This is a mature and complex autobiographical work full of music, movement and with a flawless sense of sound and drama." His wife looked stunning. Everything was great, but I heard that some random woman berated him for the use of one word Fuck, in the text. Get a life, didn`t you listen to the beautiful words, didn`t you listen to anything else? It`s fortunate that we can disregard the opinions of those that matter little to us. But all the same, to spoil a fabulous night is so uncalled for.

Just joined Tyneside Associated Drama Group. I think I`ll receive support and inspiration here. It`s going to be really informal and will meet every week at 2.00 which suits me fine as I`ll still be able to work in the photo group.

Managed to get a ticket to see the fabulously funny Craig Bradley. I`ve seen him before taking a group of kids for rap sessions when I`ve been in Benwell Library. He usually does workshops with primary aged children. But a group of adults had the good fortune to listen to him. He`s big on audience participation which had us in stitches. And don`t think that if you sit at the back you`ll be exempt. I had to buy the book Dancin George, hilarious.

Pink Lane held another fabulous event, Heroes and Heroines on Thursday 8th October for National Poetry Day. I read a short story and two poems. Ira Lightman (aka Peter Cook reincarnated) was amazing as usual. Props were a computer and perspex umbrella accompanied by his resonant words. Viv Wiggins gets better each time I hear her and she really got into the theme by dressing as Wonderwoman. Catherine Graham and Degna Stone performed great sets. Richard Hardwick read another great set with music from Simon on his hang drum supporting the words.

Also went to the book launch of Martin Bell. He spoke of Iraq, Afghanistan and the scandal of politicians dipping into the coffers. He wore his trademark white suit. The place was packed, he can certainly entertain, he should be on Live at the Apollo.

Fred and I went to a local school to give out some local history packs that have been compiled especially for schools. So only 26 left to go. Fred spoke for 5 minutes to the assembly on the buildings in the area and their history and I spoke of my memories from school.

On Saturday attended a meeting,at St Mary`s Heritage Centre in Gateshead.

"To look at key challenges for promoting and supporting spoken word and live literature in the region."

Spoken Word Forum co-ordinated by Claire Morgan of Apples and Snakes and Monkfish Productions.Jeff Price represented Ten by Ten, Robbie Hurst for Pink Lane, Sheila Naughton from City Libraries and Christine from the Arts Council. There were other supporters who are keen to suggest ideas to support performers in the northern region by offering venues, equipment loan and advertising.
Claire will keep us posted.

And so ends a very productive National Poetry Day and Week.

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