Thursday, 15 October 2009

Benwell Remembered

A two page spread in the Evening Chronicle for my book. Photos of the old buildings, Victory Tea Party, Clara Street, Jimmy Forsyth and Peace Tea. I`m really pleased with the way it has been done. They mentioned our Benwell Reunion, so hopefully we`ll see more old faces. Both me and Andrew, the publisher have been busy dishing out fliers to promote the launch.

D came in from work and settled down in the chair to read the Chronicle. He kicked his shoes off to relax. Chico was duck toeing around the floor and pecked his big toe. D nearly jumped out of his skin. Usually if Chico is being destructive we shout Hey. So he drops himself in each time he has a go at the curtains he`s chirping Hey, hey, so we know that he`s up to something. Is he learning something else?

D watches Britains Best Dish where cooks compete for best starter, main course and pudding. Jilly Goolden says that she is anyones for a square of chocolate.

D "I`d rather have the chocolate!"

I have a streaming cold and have three meetings lined up with a possible chance of a job. Dozing myself up with endless glasses of water, hot lemon and honey, overdozing on pastilles that taste like creosote. I`m anyone`s who can find a cure for the common cold.


Anonymous said...

Is it the common cold or is it Man Flu? (Capital letters!)
Jilly Goolden would drive me to chocolate too!

Yvonne Young said...

Yes, that`s the difference, men have "Flu" and women have a "Cold"
But I had to laugh today, my parrot has copied sneezing and guffawing sounds, and even the ahh hey noise I make at the end when I`m feeling sorry for myself. My nose is like sandpaper..when will it all ennnnnnnnnnnnd?