Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Vannesa Zandani

My sister in law met Vannesa Zandani at The Cumberland Arms a couple of months back. Vannesa had been in an abusive relationship and read her work on this subject. She spoke with such force, really hit home what she must have suffered. Three of her poems here.


She’s wearing it again
That lipstick, enhancing her cupids bow
To entice other blokes
I’m going to smear it all over her face
Make her ugly so they won’t look
I don’t give a fuck when the rage comes
And jealousy gnaws at my brain
A few more Newcy browns and it will start again
Just saw some blokes giving her the eye
Pawing her long raven hair
Falling into her big brown Betty Boop eyes
She doesn’t notice too quiet and shy
But she will when I get her home
Punch out her lights
Force myself upon her have my way
She’s mine my slave, my dutiful wife.

Many years later

My body pains me
It burns relentlessly, yet I am cold
Stone heart
Deep welts criss cross my abdomen
Memories of him!

Internal scars never fade
They still feel the rage
Sickness eats me within
Always memories of him!

Left in tatters

I was in turmoil the day I left
Nothing but loneliness and emptiness
Broken hearted and bereft
I was in turmoil the day I left.

Nothing but dark nightmares and screams
It all fell apart at the seams
I was in turmoil the day I left
Nothing but moth-eaten dreams


Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Very, very moving, and how brave to of her to share it.

Yvonne Young said...

I totally agree. She stood up in front of a packed room at the Cumberland Arms at the Ten by Ten event. We were all blown away. My sister in law Alison spoke to her and told her how she admired her for speaking out. Sisters are doing it for themselves eh?


Anonymous said...

Heart wrenching poems. Would like to see more.

Anonymous said...

In the time this happened to me there was no help available - it seemed a natural part of marriage! When you are young and innocent! these days help is there my advice get out get the help do not be a victim.vz

Yvonne Young said...

Yes, I will be buying her book when it comes out.