Wednesday, 24 December 2008

पास ओं एअर्थ

(Translation) Peace on Earth

Went to interview one of the members of the Knit and Knatter club who helped to construct the Woolly West. Turns out that her father was a kind of Jimmy Forsyth, whereas Jimmy seems to have more pics of buildings, Sylvia Wood`s (nee Kirk) dad took mainly people and the buildings just happened to be in the background, but he has preserved some brilliant shots, an old Hillman Imp, bright red and the old streets and back lanes. She lives in a high rise flat in Benwell and the views around the village are brilliant, her neighbour called in as pal IW and me were there and she has a south facing apartment with views of the Gateshead Angel. Sylvia has dozens of her creations around her place, embroidered eagle, knitted cottage, medieval knights and lots of flowers, her paintings are amazing, mainly of old folks, faces with character. She has loaned me three of her albums (Taken from two giant cardboard boxes full of slides, paintings etc)

On the way out of the building we noticed a small wicker bin with a notice above it in thick dark pen, the words "IN CASE OF NUCLEAR ATTACK, HIDE UNDER THE BIN, IT`S THE ONLY PLACE THAT WON`T GET HIT!" some poor caretaker is not happy with the litter problem I take it.

While trying to enjoy watching The Book Show, husband D was itching to hit the shops, so I reminded him that I have to sit through Little House on the Prarie or John Wayne so he`d have to wait or go alone. He insited on mutting and tutting throughout. A comment was made on Proust and a recommendation

"If you read this it can sort out some of life`s problems."
D. "Yeah, if you put it in the toilet when you`ve ran out of paper."
Then someone on the panel said
"When you go to bed you need a good book."
D "Do you fuck."
Nigella Lawson is promoting a dish with maple syrup and Mariella says that now it`s flowing off the shelves
D "And now everyone`s got the trots."
I ask him to shut up as I can`t hear properly for the running commentary, but no.
Nigella is talking with her usual drawly filler noise "awar, awar warrrr." and showing off her turkey stuffing with her low neck top.
She reveals that she doesn`t have penis envy, then Simon Callow appears.
D "How very very very boring."
Y "Piss off then!"
D "If you chopped their hands off they wouldn`t be able to speak."

Just remembered an experiment on the Paul O`Grady Show, they were enticing cats to test which turkey they liked the best, only one of them sniffed at Nigella`s and the other dozen or so moggys preferred Delia`s.

Thoroughly enjoyed Lead Balloon, Rick`s Xmas, Magda in mourning, Clive the neighbour forcing himself on them, Rick chucking Jelly Tots into the audience and "Could have had someone`s eye out" and Michael`s failed relationship.

I`ve got a couple of new books to read, Julie Walters That`s Another Story and Bobby Thompson A Private Audience, in the hope that I`m going to have some peace at Xmas. But the highlight will be visiting son P and daughter in law B for a few days over the Bank Holidays. Son G is back from London with girlfriend E and he will be going to her family for Xmas dinner so there will be peace on earth:)aided by a nice glass of brandy.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

the book show, i missed it...darn

please check out my saturdays case you get bored!

Yvonne Young said...

Hope that you and yours do have a good New Year, we`ll be off to my brother and sister in law`s. I have bad memories of New Year`s from my childhood, forced to watch The White Heather club with women in flouncy cotton frocks and white high heels "Step we gaily" and Andy Stewart hopping lightly from the ball of one foot to the other, all for Mairi`s wedding. I used to think he was ancient when I was 11, but he was probably only about 28. Love the blog by the way, lots of interesting stuff on there, must learn how to add things.