Monday, 5 January 2009

The Goose is Getting Fat

Well goodbye to all that, it`s great having the time off with friends and family, but we hold a purely secular Xmas and sometimes I wonder who we are doing all of this for. After the half a tree fiasco, why do I religiously put the tree up every year, a pal has the wall variety that simply open up, another has a flat golden disc in a box, which pulls up into a cone shape. But then again another friend buys new red gold and green satin ribbon every year and covers the fireplace with baubles,cones and the like. Would I feel bah humbug if I didn`t participate. It would be alot cheaper...son asking "Have you thought what your getting me for Xmas...only I`d like the money if you haven`t already bought it?"

The cards that arrive full of bloody tinsels and snowflakes, forgive me if I haven`t quite cracked the goodwill among men concept. Brazil nuts, candied peel, indegestion tablets. It`s one big gorging fest.

Loved our visit to P and B`s home, they don`t get into the decorations hype, but give them time and I bet next year there`ll be a few sparklies here and there. B spoiled us with food from her fabulous new recipes, that`s another thing, I write them down, but I`m not very imaginative in the cooking stakes and husband D is usually the first one to try to cook them himself.

New Year was spent at my brother and sister in law`s house, a great party with lots of daftness, fireworks, good food and drink. Got home around 2.30. Next day up and raring to go on the usual clearout, be ruthless is my resolution, but half the crap goes back where it came from. But, I did manage to set up 3 carrier bags of tat. one for pal I to take to the kids groups she runs, another for a fellow crafts person to add to her groaning resources and one for work, back on Thursday.

Bit into a large toffee and pulled out a crown, I recall 6 years ago when the dentist advised me that he was going to chisle the dead tooth and glue the crown over the top. When I looked into my mouth to check the damage, there was a little square peg totally coal black. I look like one of the old hags on at medieval, sawdust strewn floor banquet, "Ha har harg" Now I can go out into the street and instead of wishing everyone a Happy New Year, I can shout "Unclean, unclean...bring out yer dead."

Is this yet another sign of decrepitude, of falling to bits? Well, might as well throw the old getting fat concept into the ring, where`s the rest of that Lemon Drizzle cake and the indigestion tablets?

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