Monday, 15 December 2008

Selfish gets

After trawling up and down the alleys for a parking space at the Metro Centre, we finally secured a spot. Then I was well pissed off to see a blue transit van parked square in four spaces. Suddenly thought that I should have taken a photo for the blog as I got to the entrance of M&S, then promised myself that I`d do it when we came out, but van had gone by then.

On Friday, finished work at 6.00, Hubby D was on his staff night out, as it is the only night in the year that I have totally on my own, I couldn`t wait to get home, no TV, read my book, a couple of glasses of wine, a bar of chocolate and peace perfect peace. As he`d been on a day off, I`d asked him to get the Xmas tree from the loft. The box of decorations was there, lights, santa, reindeer,snowman hats and a pair of red glittery horns, but.......only the bottom half of the tree and no stand!!! So, it was all left on the floor until Saturday morning. I hate the blasted lights anyway, can never get the bloody things to wrap around properly.

Love the Woolly West knitting display at the Benwell Library, they`ve created a 3d street, rag and bone man,factories and shops and some of the titles for various groups are great Knitty Norah, Stitch and Bitch, Glittyknittykitty, Tabby dashery.

Met pal K at one of our favourite eateries in town, the staff were mutting and tutting about a customer who had an issue with the peas. I had the sausage and mash, K had beef stew, hers came in a lovely pot with a lid on. The lad behind the counter is the double of Peter Kay, half expected him to burst out with Amarillo as he wove his way between the tables, pen and pad in hand.

Waited for the No 40 bus, the 63 came first, it was freezing and the people at the stop moved towards the door, driver sat in the warm and kept the door shut for another five minutes before he let them on, another selfish get. But my heart was warmed by the sight of a chipper lollypop man leading the kids across the road on Chapel House wearing his Santa suit under his reflective jacket, now that`s what I call the real spirit of Xmas.....oh..and speaking of heart warming moments,popped into the cobblers on Adelaide Terrace, the counter sported about eight pairs of boots and shoes, the cobbler informed me that they were pairs that he`d repaired, but the customers hadn`t called back for them,the old folks call in and he gives them a pair for £1, hardly cover the cost of the materials.

A truly hearwarming event was the sight of G.W.B pelted with a pair of shoes by an Iraqi journalist, I know where he can get more supplies?

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