Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christine Fieldhouse Book Launch

Christine Fieldhouse gave an excellent talk on her book Why Do Monsters Come Out at Night. She is very approachable and gave great advice and answered questions on tips in becoming published, obtaining an agent and she has a website which gives advice to aspiring writers. Her father was an alcoholic and
"In this frank and honest memoir, Christine contrasts her confused and frightened childhood with the easy and innocent life of her young son."

Been to talk with another ex resident of Benwell, Bob Speight, spent a hilarious 2 hours with him and his wife Janet. He remembered when he and a couple of his pals came across some old Charlie Chaplin reels of film at the back of a film distributing company. As it was made of nitrate, it had been banned in cinemas. The pals rolled it into cylinders, then wrapped paper around, one end was twisted and the other wrapped, they lit the twisted end and when it was well alight, stamped on it. This gave off an evil pong. This was done in the washing room of a block of flats. Little sods. He was also given a sixpence to act dead or dying at a specially constructed site which was meant to assimilate a bomb site. Someone would set off a flare, then lots of men would run about pretending to diffuse incendiary devices. Then Bob and his pal would be bandaged and rushed about on stretchers...happy days.
So I`ve got 2,600 words from him, it`s getting there and I still have more interviews lined up.

Watched an advert on TV for Nintendo Wii. Two women are excitedly pressing keys on their hand held controls on a sofa in one of their homes. There are two little people rushing around in a similar cartoon home. Neither of the women are talking to eachother, but one of the little women on screen is saying to her pal "Come in and see my new furniture."???????????? Is the art of conversation really dead?

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