Saturday, 28 June 2008

Toe Nail Clippings

Read in the paper that toe nail clippings are up for analysis to assess the risk of women who could develop heart disease, they checked out 62,500 nurses. It showed double the level of nicotine in those with heart disease than in those without. So, that`s a relief, I`m pleased I`m a non-smoker, didn`t fancy the idea of a complete stranger sifting through my trimmings and putting the results into a plates of meat survey.

At the bus stop I overhear a conversation by a man in the company of three ladies. "They`re ganna take 60% of me wage, the CSA is after is. She said I`d smashed up her house, she`s got the kids to say ah did it as well, ah was having a can of lager. Ah give `er £40 oot o` me money,and ah only get £149. Ah see the kids once a week and she`s after stopping me seeing them."

I always sit in front of someone who is sneezing, then I`m too embarrassed to move, I continue reading the paper, trying not to breathe too often. The Encounters page is always of interest, the terminology fascinates me.

Creative spiritual and fun...wanted someone to "Tango through life with him"

Decent chap...described himself as "with broad shoulders, seeks someone into politics and rock n roll"

Willowy woman of 58 who describes herself as "Tactile" and her address was Beds, Bucks

A "Miss Bossy Boots" who is a dreadful SOH (Whatever that is) "Looking for an educated eccentric with which to live life to the edge"

Absolute male...."Abstract artist, 46 gifted looks" (Ha) "seeks highly stimulating, gorgeous female for friendship and relationship

And lastly, a "Well seasoned, energetic ex chef"

Some other snippets of interest noted:-

A retired soldier who lives in a man made hut on Skye and travels by canoe to collect his pension.

A man who had an argument with his wife in the 1980s, lived in a tree for 15 years, he came out ok during the 1999 cyclone that felled trees and killed thousands.

And a bald eagle that lost it`s beak after being shot now has a replacement artificial one, of nylon composite to help it to eat, well I never.

In town, the stag and hen parties are starting early, the best dressed were these lads in superhero, caveman and other character suits. I only meant to take a photo of the caveman, and the others joined in, sorry that I didn`t get an e mail address to post it to them, it came out rather well.

Our parrot Chico is extending his vocabulary, we have stopped watching the F Word which features Gordon Ramsay. We have given him a new bell which he enjoys thwaking against the cage, then he lets it slow down, positions his head so that he gets a scratch.

The other day I was sitting at the computer, a loud bang on the patio door, and as I looked onto the path, there was a kestrel, looking startled, then it rose up and I noticed it had a kind of rat thing at the end of it`s claws. And today when I opened the curtains, a stack of pigeon feathers were scattered around the garden, it`s on the hunt.

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