Thursday, 12 June 2008


The council is snooping in folks`s rubbish bins now, they want to know how much food people are chucking out, apparently picking out random homes such as university students. Why are they pretending that its to improve on their knowledge of recycling, they will penalise those who don`t recycle. Don`t know if it`s true, but councils are accused of just selling all the recycle resources to China anyway. They are going to educate us on the findings of their research, how to be responsible citizens, well I`d like to see what the council wastes, and i`d like to bet it`s hell of a sight more than your average Joe Soap.

I`m amazed at the husband who took his wife back after she took out a loan for home improvements, £4,500 to have him bumped off by a hit man. Sort of gives a new meaning to home improvements, I suppose that for her the home would be better without him. Or maybe she just imagined that she was doing her bit for recycling.

There`s going to be a 4 day walk out by oil tanker workers, oh great, just when we`d planned to go straight from work tomorrow hoping to stay until Monday with son P and daughter in law B. Apparently, the men are angry at having 13% pay rise rejected, they say that they earn the same as they did in 1993. We`ll still chance it, so fingers crossed!!!!!

And another thing, I`m really missing our Central Library, it was knocked down to rebuild and the new one won`t be ready until 2009.

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