Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Snippets of Conversation

The most amusing things are heard just in passing, I was on the escalator in John Lewis behind an old couple, she turned to him and asked
"Did you see that woman looking at those Jimmy Shoe Choos?" he didn`t answer her.
Also, those sum it up one liners on people`s tee shirts....a friend`s husband saw one reading "George Bush family butchers

Watching a programme on the artists Gilbert and George, their singing sculpture, the music was Underneath the Arches which brought back memories of an art class I once went to. At the Christmas party everyone brought food and three older ladies brought home brew rice wine. It was pretty potent stuff, and I overheard two of them whispering together "We`ll be alright as long as she doesn`t sing Underneath the Arches!" I had forgotten about this snippet of conversation, until later in the evening I heard this quivering high pitched rendition of the arches song. She was indeed two sheets to the wind and this must have been the signal to which the pals were alerted for to carry out a disappearing act with her.

Back to Gilbert and George....they were covered in bronze body paint with coloured spots over the top, a little like traffic lights, they were still in their suits standing on a table. They took turns to get down from the table to rewind the tape recorder. One of them held a rubber glove and the other one had a green walking stick, halfway through, they changed over.Is there something I`m not getting here?
And what about these adverts showing sofas being chain sawed in half, some kid is going to watch that and take a kitchen knife to the family sofa "Oh, that`s a good idea, mam`s always saying how she would like to change the furniture around"

I was on the bus in front of two men and heard this snippet
"I`m always looking for photos of myself when I had hair and I can`t find any."
I never get bored on bus journeys, there`s so much to hear and see. I passed a barber shop the other day, the name Van Gogh, had to laugh, the amount of times hairdressers have snipped at my ears.

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