Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Shadow of a Smile

(Photo from The Guardian)
Fabulous fella Bobby Robson has passed away, so dignified and what a character, just goes to show the measure of the man, at a friendly match in his honour the week before his death. A true battler who was loved by the Geordie nation. Bob, draped in a fancy black and white scarf, hat at a jaunty angle and smiling as ever, people are going to remember that smile.

I defy anyone to visit Poundland then only spend a pound! I bought two mugs, yeah I know, what a mug, but one was for me, The Bash Street Kids and the other Coronation Street (Constipation Street) for my husband. Noticed a David Cameron book alongside a Katie Price biography, which didn`t surprise me, but to see Michael Palin`s Himalaya with them was uncalled for, love the bloke, especially Ripping Yarns. While in the queue, two women walked past with a Katie book each. I was tempted to buy Michael`s, but as I handed my notice in at work this week,thought better of it, but I`ll be in town on Tuesday, so if there are any left......!

Yes, in a couple of weeks, I`ll be free to write,compute and best of all to spread myself out around the house once my eldest son G has moved in with his girlfriend E. There has been a constant toaster, towels,kettle procession scuttling back and forwards to the car today and it`s great to see all of the boxes disappearing from the top of the stairs. I`m looking around for anything that I can palm off to them, saves me a trip to the tip, a massive umbrella plant which is scaling the ceiling has been accepted. Next on the list will be any owld bedding, glasses, cups etc.

I usually open the top of the cage for Chico to get out, he then climbs down to the front door and opens it with his beak. Yesterday, we noticed that he was spending a fair bit of time hanging around the area outside his water dish. Didn`t give it a thought until this morning, I took the cover off his cage, but didn`t open the door, he pushed on his dish and that door opened. The sly little sod had opened it the night before leaving it shut to ready for his escape. Fortunate for us his ploy was foiled, otherwise we could have come back home to chewed furniture. He has already pecked the back of my swivel chair, pedal bin, holes in the curtains, book covers etc. African Greys are lovely birds but very naughty and destructive.

We have some bamboo posts in our shed, D has threatened to make an arrangement in our garden with them for about five years. Sister in law A visited today and asked for one. I opened the door and she launched herself in there over mower, chairs,shelving and every other bugger of things. Then, she screamed jumping from foot to foot, I yelled in unison thinking it was a spider, but no, a mouse, well that`s alright then. I gathered that they were in there when I climbed in a couple of weeks ago to retrieve the sun lounger to find a gaping gnawed hole in it and bits of chewed sponge all over the deck.

I have a fabulous spider catcher contraption, it is a see through pyramid shape at the end of a long stick, it needs to be long as I won`t go anywhere near them. Once the pyramid has trapped Incy inside I use my foot to slide the door along ready to drop him far away at the top of the garden, but the little bastards still keep getting in. When our Bull Terrier Bullseye was here, he used to enjoy eating them, they were easy to see on light laminate flooring. I wonder if I could train Chico to eat them, perhaps not.

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