Monday, 24 August 2009

Dreams can come True

In all the time we`ve been together,38 years, I can say that my husband has never once said to me "Last night I dreamt that........" So when, at breakfast he started his sentence with these words, my mouth dropped. It was the equivalent to someone walking in with flowers after 38 years of never having bought any. I was all ears.

D " I dreamt that I had a bear suit, it was really tatty. I took it to an antique shop and the owner said "What a fine suit, it`s just what we are looking for, I`ll give you £600. He turned it inside out and it was a lovely golden colour. I said that it didn`t belong to me really and that I would have to ask my brother if he would sell. So, I left the suit with the man and went all around town shouting for my Brother (He hasn`t a brother as a point of interest) But I couldn`t find him, then I noticed that it was nearly five o`clock, the shop would be shutting and I might not get the suit back. Just then, the alarm went off so I got up to get ready for work."

Roughly translated I would say that as our son has moved out D is wondering if he has done off with any of our possessions. Son G had a habit of rifling through things in the loft when he was at home, then selling his brother`s things on e-bay. I also asked around my friends if their husbands ever told them of dreams,only one could claim yes.

We invited G and E round for Sunday lunch.

G "What are you cooking?"
D "Beef"
G "Can you get duck as well, it would be nice?"
D "I daresay it would, but I`ve already paid £15 for beef, so no chance."

D came home after work, I was out, a spicy aroma was in the air, so he looked in the pedal bin. There were two Thai curry boxes in there, one was melted beyond recognition. We received a phone call from G

G "Have you been buying a new microwave?"
D "Yes, the old one packed in. By the way were you round here eating Thai curry?"
G "Yes, and I didn`t know how to use the new microwave, it melted the first meal, so I had to put another one in there."
D "Correct me if I`m wrong, but didn`t you move out?"
G "You`ll have to show me how to set it when I next call around."
D "Not unless you`re planning to cook us anything in it!"

D said that G reminds him of Shirley Valentine`s daughter.

Came back from town about 6ish, two blokes walking towards me to board the bus, talking about Man United, as they passed they damned near burned the back of my throat with the whiff of their after shave.

D was rubbing his leg

D "I had a trapped nerve and it went solid."
Y "You`re supposed to stand on your tip toes, it helps."
D "I tried that and it didn`t work."
Y "You should try giving birth, when contractions start the stomach hardens like concrete."

It all seems so long ago, my kids are 30 and 32 now.

Left work on Friday,went to the Corner House for a meal and a drink at the end of the shift. They nominated me to order the meals, saying that it would be my last task. I wrote down the order on a piece of paper. When I came back, they were all wearing turbans, in honour of Florrie, the character I use when working on memory sessions and for certain entertainment venues. Really going to miss the lasses, but at last I`ll have more time to write, take photos and become more involved with the heritage department of the library. Never thought I`d see the day, kids flown the coup and me with time on my hands, ahh, this has got to be a dream come true and not a bear in sight.

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