Sunday, 30 August 2009

Go As You Please

Love this shop display, this is something that really appeals to me, I`d have pictures of Benwell in the 50`s all over mine. Just like the owld buildings I`d be dust.

Small Faces, what a blast from the past.

I was fifteen when this group were about, we all went to see them at the Majestic which later became a Bingo Hall. Just as well really, I remember people used to chuck chairs from the balcony onto the dance floor. Happy days, no drugs, just violence. There were purple hearts, but we never took them, we`d heard of people who did, imagined that they were Batman and "flew" out of the window. One lad hid in the corner thinking he was food, scared to move in case anyone ate him, how sad is that.

Just completed seven pages of text to go with the local history bus tour I`m speaking on. It will be great practise for me and has been interesting to learn more about the area.

D is going to a vintage car rally tomorrow at Seaburn. Don`t think I`ll go, it`s not long since we went to one at Beamish.

Was at the Let`s all laugh at the BNP on Friday at the Cluny, it was a great show, and the acts were brilliant.

Egypt Cottage is about to close along with Tyne Tees Tv, it seems ages ago since my brother worked in the TV building as a graphic designer, he can`t believe that it is being pulled down. We called in there for a drink late on Friday and met some great people. The owner is now looking for new premises.


Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

That pic did make me smile!

Yvonne Young said...

I also pondered over which song that I would chose for my funeral. Still can`t decide, probably something comic such as Geordie`s Lost His Liggy.