Monday, 20 July 2009

Protests, Parades and Poetry

Stumbled on a website with ideas to encourage weightloss....they ask the members to nominate a charity with whose views they disagree to receive the money should they fail. They work on the theory that it`s an incentive to get people motivated. They dangle the carrot with suggestions, how about global warming, abortion or gay marriage? How sensitive of them.

Just watched In Bruges, not usually keen on Colin Farrell, but I thoroughly enjoyed this film, nowt like black humour.

Passed two blokes, the first greeted his pal with

Blokie 1 "By, you`ve lost a lot of weight lad."
Blokie 2 "Aye, aa`ve been too near the bacon slicer."

Are there any clear guidelines on swine flu, apart from "Just stay at home." Why do I suspect that someone has made a medicines deal and needs to sell stockpiled tablets for, say, American drugs companies? Are wars started to sell weapons, probably, did the Americans film the moon landing near Las Vegas? There are so many conspiracy theories around, some of them very believable and their success depends on scaring us. Lately, I feel guilty when I need to cough, do people think I`ve got swine flu? Well done on causing mass neurosis. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough they tell us...of course, a splash of Domest-arse will kill all germs. I still laugh to recall the advice we were given when the threat of nuclear attack was feared, we would all be ok if we hid under a door, yeah, right, we have three minutes to run around for a screwdriver, take the door off it`s hinges, then a family of four will fit nicely under there. What we have all learned by such lies and nonsensical statements is that we are on our own.

Making my way through town on Saturday,on my way to a poetry event, lots of rights groups parading through the streets, some fabulous costumes and banners. Six of us read in turn at the Oxfam book shop in town on, it was a really good day, people wandered in and out, listened for a while, chose a book and moved on. We also read from Hope Filled Seeds, a compilation of poems in support of Oxfam.
Also spurred me on to make a resolution, sort out books that I have read to donate.....of course this didn`t last long, an hour in Oxfam and I bought four from the shop!!!! I think that I need help, maybe I should search for a website to wean me off spending on books, but, if it goes to a good cause, I`m in.


Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Best we all remove a couple of doors, we can use them to hide under and thow at the drug companies, that way we're covered in both events.

Yvonne Young said...

Totally agree, just found out that there is mercury in the Tamiflu injections. Remember that was one of the ingredients which caused Gulf War Syndrome.