Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Nicely out of Tune Flip Flops

After a trip to Greece it takes best part of the day to get used to not putting toilet tissue into the pedal bin, but seriously...

At checkout on the outward journey to Kefalonia and D asks the assistant how much for extra leg room, £30 each is the reply.

D "I`m not paying that, it would be £120 there and back!"
Y "So you`d rather have deep veice thrombosis then?"

Luckily we weren`t served square egg, the hunter`s chicken was nice enough. The kid behind was saying to her mother "What`s sticky and purple... and...I spy with my little eye." The flight attendant was demonstrating where the emergency exits were and the in flight telly showed the safety slidy, the kid pipes up
"Mummy, do I really have to go down that" mummy replies "No dear, now be careful where you`re putting your Fruit Shoot." and "Are your ears lets play I Spy again."
Has anyone got any razor blades, and we have another three hours of this. Forgive this dark composition as my thoughts were dark at this time

Dying Abroad

The windmill turns
And the dogs bark
By the flags of three nations
She is returning home without him
Their life together
Gone in the blink of an eye
Happy holidaymakers
Make their way to the beach
He lies alone
Entombed in a foreign land
She passes through airport control
His case and hers
She asks:-
"My husband died
His heart gave out
Can I still use his duty free?"

The heat was marvelous, good food, hotel and we met some lovely people. Hired a car to get around the island. Took a wrong turn from Poros, travelled down and under instead of up, passed a woman whitewashing her house and by the time we got back she had finished.

An old donkey lived in a field opposite the hotel.

Donkey looks out
From his breeze block home
Fury ears flap flies away
No water that I can see
People pass by and say Ahhhhh
You stand there while I take a photo
We`ll bring sugar lumps.....

Memories of my holiday in short bursts.

Towels flapping from veranda
Tree trunks painted white
Massive green and yellow crickets
Slide around the back of an ornate fence
Slyly thinking that they are hidden
Rubber flip flops
Sunburn in varying degrees
Dried out geraniums
Couple in the next room
Listening and singing along
"Why am I soft in the middle...
I can be your long lost pal."
I wonder if they are called
Betty or Al
A woman walks past
Wearing a fabulous cerise hat
Al says "She`s been to Ascot"
"He looks around around..
Call me Al"
Betty doesn`t speak
And the hire cars move in and out
While I sit on the veranda
Listening to the tapping
Of out of tune flip flops
Cicadas and a faint snoring sound
From the bedroom.

Talking to L from the Picture History Group as we sort through the archive photos, she is just back from the Netherlands. Recently recovered from a double knee replacement operation she says

"I caused a panic at the airport when the security men scanned me with the paddles, I set the alarms off."

When on holiday we miss out on the news, we speak about the death of Michael Jackson and agree that he was a creative genius, but don`t suppose we`ll ever know if the allegations were 100% true or a way to get money out of him. It set me thinking about the gun carriage that Lady Di was carried away on, she would have hated the thought of that, she was so against everything it represented, and like so, Michael Jackson spent all of his time hiding his kids from publicity and his siblings take them on a world wide stage after he`s gone, talk about rubbing one`s nose in it? And suddenly, people who never listened to his music are rushing out to buy it now. Science fiction scenarios are about to come true once more, I can remember films where the women ruled the world and men weren`t necessary, so a team in my home town, Newcastle have engineered sperm.Methinks this could be the thin end of the wedge, Jabba the Hutt and Jar Jar Binks here we come. Maybe we have all been here before, second time around, Pegasus may not have been a myth?

I love to go away on holiday, but, Jazz Club on Thursday, there`s something good about being back in my home town.


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