Sunday, 12 July 2009

Crook Hall`s ghost of the White Lady

Support this poetry event, Mark Speeding is performing a set of his poems.

At Durham on Saturday for the 125th Miners Gala, lots of banners,bugles and banging of drums. A hen party was in town, about 30 lasses all wearing horns and black T shirts saying Gemma`s Hen Party, when one of the bands came parading up towards the cathedral, one of the lasses, pint glass in hand did a wiggly dance right in the middle of the lane as they approached. Great atmosphere in the town, apparently 50,000 attended last year.

Then on to the Crook Hall Gardens to take part in a poetry slam, got into the last four, great people there and the surroundings were magnificent. Art installations around the house and gardens, They have an orchard, maze and many themed areas such as the Shakespeare Garden. We also took part in a project by artist Barrie West who gave us paints of regimental colours to add to a piece about Iraq soldiers. I`ll be back

There is the ghost of the White Lady who haunts, the leaflets advise sensitive souls to avoid the Jacobean Room, so that is where the slam was held oooooooooooooo. In the next room there are two paintings of what is supposed to be the lady. Didn`t give much of a mind to it and didn`t experience any activity. But, we were all sitting in the garden, a lovely day and a young lass was playing and singing for us, then I looked towards the house at a lower window, nothing scary there, but as someone walked past the window and cut half of the reflection out, I saw a face exactly like the one in the painting and the same hair, it was smiling, then it vanished, weird.

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