Friday, 24 April 2009

Thingymagigs and Thingymabob`s

At the chap book launch of Sheree Mack at the Lit and Phil on Thursday.Her most recent work is Like the Wind over a Secret. She also read from some of her books, Seam and The White of the Moon.Her work is so moving and always about what she knows.
Wine and chocolate cake in the interval, just what I needed.

Coming back home after work tonight, I heard a mobile message from a fellow travellers phone

"You have a message your royal sexyness."

Couldn`t help but notice a few other passengers turning around to see who it was, including me giving a sideways glance. She was around 45, hair tied back in a pony tail by an elastic band, navy track suit with three white stripes down the outside leg and trainers, she was interupted during her snack of Monster Munch to reply to the message.

A young lad and lass were sitting at the back.

Lad "I feel embarassed when I have to ask the name of something when I don`t know what its called."

Lass "I just say that I`ll call it the same as what they call it."

Lad "I sometimes say The Wadyamacallit"

Lass " Or, you could say The Thingmagig or just The Thingy."

Lad "Then they say...What do you mean!!!..THE THINGY"

Lass " Or you could call it The Thingymabob...or the Whatsit."

Luckily, they got off two stops down at the Yiknowwhat stop.

A hedgehog was in our garden last night. I went to look at it and it scrooched right down. I put down a bowl of milk and bread, about half an hour later there was non left, so I`m going to put more out for it tonight. I can feed them now since the dog died. When Bullseye was here he had a raging hatred for hedgehogs after once trying to attack one. He came squealing into the house with about a dozen spikes protruding from his snout. It`s not an easy exercise pulling spikes from an English Bull Terrier`s nose, they never realise that you are trying to help them, being a breed that can bite the hand that feeds them. A couple of months later he was ready, and I still don`t know yet how he bit the head from the creature. Horrific, a perfectly formed little head lying on the grass.

Went to Flamingo Land this week with brother D, sister in law A and friend`s young daughter E. Loved this place, as it was Tuesday, not busy at all, so we just walked onto everything, no queueing. The animals were great, mea cats, giraffes, rhinos, lions and tigers (Not bears oh my) The birds were beautiful, cockatoos, parrots and some wonderful creatures that I have never seen before and of course the pink flamingo`s. Saw a clever bird show, the macaw placed jigsaw puzzles in order and repeated lots of phrases, one bird caught grapes which the handler threw into the air, but the show was cut short as a buzzard spied a pigeon flying overhead and did off. The handler enticed him back using a piece of beef, which was just as well as I didn`t fancy witnessing it pulling the head off a pigeon. I`ve had enough of decapitation.

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