Saturday, 18 April 2009

Memories Are Made Of This

Husband D and I were talking about where we were born, Benwell, all of the houses have long gone.

Y "Why is it that we`ve lived in a fair few houses since Benwell, but we don`t talk about Denton, the West Road, Kenton Bank Foot or where we live now with the same nostalgia, even though we`ve been in this house for 33 years?"

D "Yeah, it`s strange, I think more about those times too."

Y " I`m not religious, but if there`s some way after I die that I can come back just to whiz around those old streets again, I`d know exactly where to go."

D "Well, yi divn`t naar where yer gannin noo, so yar not ganner naar after yer deed!!"

We called in to the Tynemouth Railway Station market today, and if anything can cause the memories to flood back, it`s this place.Old tea caddy`s, ornaments, jewellery,camera`s and loads of books. I spotted a set of puppets,2 Sooties, Sweep, Sue and a brown bear. The memories came flooding back and I would be able to use them for puppet shows at work, plus the shows I`m putting on at the library for a couple of schools.

Y "I`ll buy those."
D "They`re manky, you`re not paying £40 for those."
Y "That`s because they are original Chad Valley, they are antiques."
D "They look like they`ve belonged to sheep shagger anonymous."
Y "Well, I`m having them anyway!!"
D "Fucking waste of money."
Y "I don`t say that when you`re buying tools that you never use, I know I`ll use these."

We got on talking to the bloke, we noticed that he had Sooty lamps, signed photos, books, board games etc. He told us that he had lots more of this stuff at home. I got them for £35, he wouldn`t budge for £30. The brown bear alone had cost him a tenner.

Y "It was strange that he had an obsession with Sooty and he had ginger hair."

D "It was strange that he had an obsession with Sooty."

I totally object to being told that I have bought crap from someone who chose to buy a four LP collection of The Barber of Seville.

As we`re both trying to lose weight, but we could smell the chips, we agreed to share a tray between us. When it got down to the last half dozen, we were fighting to the last we went back to Marshall`s fish and chip shop, the sign outside reads The Fryery by the Priory. Both ate a plateful with a cup of tea, then justified our actions with "We didn`t ask for bread and butter." It was only £14 for two and lovely, but we walked out like Daleks afterwards. On the way home we saw a sign outside the Red Lion advertising "Credit crunch lunch for £2.99" Then as we passed through Cullercoats D noticed a sign "Fully self catering flats"

D "How can they be fully self catering, they either are or they`re not." he looked down to the bay as we swept around the corner.

D "We used to come down here when we were kids with mam, I always thought it was strange that my dad came with us, he didn`t usually go on outings. But, he used to piss off up the street to the social club."

Ah, memories are made of this.

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