Friday, 24 April 2009

Gorgeous creatures


French Fancy said...

hello - it was your blog title that drew me to you because I had a 'moment' this morning. Let us just say that my car is now stuck outside a French supermarket with my bag and keys locked inside it. The locksmith had to come to my house after a neighbour responded to my tearful phone call from the supermarket and brought be back home (hubby is in the UK and not back till this evening).

Bloody menopause!

Yvonne Young said...

I know the feeling so well. I woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed a patch of hair that was sticking up, couldn`t be bothered to wash it, so I put in a large pink roller, sprayed with laquer. The idea being that my flyaway bit would have calmed down by the time I left the house. Sat on the bus, you guessed, with roller in place. The amount of women on the bus and from those not one of them alerted me. As I stepped off the bus, a MAN asked "Are you aware that there is a curler in your hair?" I felt like snapping "Of course I`m not, I`m bloody menopausal!!" But I politely thanked him and took it out. Don`t worry pet, we`re all at it.