Monday, 23 April 2007

Fish Sitting

Brother and sister in law D & A are in Cyprus attending the Greek wedding of friends, they are staying in the same hotel in which the reception is to be held. Husband and I are to feed their fish Orange every day, I wonder why a 7 day fish block won`t do, but they tell me that Orange is prone to depression, he hates his water being changed, afterwards he hides behind a writing slate which D & A position outside the corner of the tank. Bearing in mind that a fish has a memory span of around 2 minutes, one can imagine his thoughts during this traumatic time
"I`m depressed, but I can`t remember why!!!!!!!"

Each night we feed the fish, pick up letters and check the plants. Brother has a timer for the
lights and has also set the T.V. we switch it on, it turns itself off at 11.00 p.m. I notice an A4 sheet of paper on the floor, he has drawn around the controls and there are various arrows and numbers around it, he thinks I`m thick.

The week flies by and we call around to theirs on Saturday, they are making a Greek salad. This, I recognise, when we come back from holiday we resolve to eat healthily, exercise and as we have lived for 1/2 weeks without ornaments, T.V. and with the bare minimum of clothing, more resolutions are set to have a mass clearout, we foist all of our rubbish on charity shops, churches and relatives who "Might need it sometime."

They have brought presents, we are given a bottle of Cyprus brandy which is held inside a woven leather casing and has a shiny wooden stopper... (I have to stop myself from wondering how I can use the bottle when the brandy is finished)...... and an ornament...a cup and saucer which reads Cyprus the Island of Venus.

Back home.....If I move back my knitted Channel 4 monkey free with PG Tips and the two plaster flowers from a friend`s visit to Stoke potteries, the angel from another friend and the Chinese chop from son and daughter in law`s honneymoon, and a Piggin Inebriated.... I can just fit the cup and saucer in.

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