Wednesday, 2 May 2007


D is annoyed because I have the T.V. controls and am watching customary programme on the Victorians, I am listening to an account of how they employed de-buggers to sort out the problem of infested wooden beds, when they adopt metal ones, the problem ceased, therefore the de-bugger would be jobless. Next I watch A picture of Britain, David Dimbleby speaks of the first travel guide book for the lakes, every traveller made sure that they had a copy when they visited, D sarcastically remarks "In case they needed toilet paper.....I hate these kinds of programmes with a vengeance"

When youngest son P was a kid and interested in making models with clay, he discovered Fimo, made an image of his father holding the TV controls in one hand and a Kit Kat in the other. He also made a model of his brother, G, also in customary pose displaying an offensive gesture. (Photo)

The news is on next Andy and Oliver go for a smoking break 1 hour a day, 5 times a week, the government are considering giving people time off work to kick the habit, why can`t they use their lunch break if they want to smoke......well, can I make a suggestion..I need time off to kick my chocolate habit and I also need therapy for shoe buying. Or how would it work for sex addicts, would they be allowed home for a quick shag. Oh, and while they are at it, therapists could be set up in the pubs

I am enjoying a programme on the Edwardians, there is a section on two men Barr and Stroud, an old sepia photo shows them sitting in deck chairs. They were interested in optical illusions, the person without the T.V. controls quips again "And they are both wearing jam jar bottoms." (large lensed glasses) I give up and hand the controls over to him, Fat Man`s Warning is on, I shuffle through to turn on the computer, check my e mails for Genes or Ancestry messages and wonder if there are still any De-Buggers out there, I have a very large one on my sofa.

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