Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Day off

D is off work today, so I have the pleasure of his company! I pick out a sliced loaf from the bread bin and notice that it is Ukranian Rye Bread, it`s like rubber and tastes of soda. Just as I am about to take another chewy bite, I notice that D has left a bottle of Otex on the table, and G has brought a cup from his room which is one stage away from growing penicillin.

D wants to got to Wallsend High Street. A supermarket advertises "Save money, shop here and have more money left for beer." As I haven`t eaten anything for my breakfast, that`s if you don`t count one mouthful....I am quite peckish. I suggest that we try this fish and chip cafe, it advertises a pot of tea and bread and butter. We pick a seat near the window. There are two young mothers on the next table wearing hipster jeans and crop tops, one of the mothers feeds her baby of around 15 months which is sitting in a high chair. "This is the first time she`s had fish, she doesn`t like it much, but she`s eaten all the mushy peas." Then they compare tattoos on the small of their backs.

The fish is beautiful, very juicy with crisp golden batter. D has bought an Evening Chronicle, he reads about Kevin Keegan on the sports page, a history of his time with Newcastle United. I listen to the conversations around me. A passing old fella picks up a diners coat from the floor "Ee pet, your in Waaallsend noo, you want to watch, they`ll pinch your coat while your tryin` to do up the buttons." She thanks him and they laugh. The people are really friendly, one of the mothers smiles at me and one of the staff is continually beetling among the tables, removing used dishes, spraying, wiping clean every surface in sight and asking everyone if they`ve enjoyed their food....which reminds me of my sister in law A`s favourite saying...

"After the game, the King and the Pawns all go back into the same box."

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