Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Chocolate Fountain

We visit the Cadbury World. We buy Easter eggs, a postcard showing the Frys Five Boys and a massive bar of Dairy Milk which we can hardly lift (this is for the chocolate fountain, yum) The museum has a shop facia,there are chocolate boxes made of wood, satin, silk with very ornate embellishments, they were used as jewellery boxes afterwards. Lots of photos from earlier times showing how well looked after the workers were, cricket matches, kids clubs, trips etc. clowns, interactive games for kids and adults, computer games, adverts,chocolate making demos, films, model villages and a playground.

Afterwards we drive to 81 Elm Road to look at the house where my grandfather`s brother lived when he was a staff buying clerk for Bourneville. Why am I the only one fascinated by this? They are all mortified when I suggest that we knock on the door.Then we drive off to get ready for S`s birthday bash.

He tells us about his new flat in Manchester,he has a new white leather sofa. The lift got stuck with 14 of them inside, one of them threatened to be sick. They heard a muffled cry, so they all kept quiet... it was coming from the next lift "How many of you are there?" ..."Only me" came the reply. One of the other residents tried to open the door with an ironing board. Meanwhile, someone had contacted the press.... another neighbour came along just as they arrived and simply poked her fingers between the doors and they opened... the press were not amused..."Don`t let them out yet, we haven`t filmed it." I could listen to S all day. We chop up kiwi, tangerines, bananas and cherries, then pig out dipping it into the fountain.

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