Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tom Kelly (Book Launch - (The Time Office -new and selected poems)

Tom Kelly`s poetry is among the best around in the region. He writes about what he knows and what is important to him, drawing heavily on his family, professions and memories of how things used to be in an industrial climate, the decline of his Jarrow. Red Squirrel Press hosted the event at the Literary and Philosophical Society. Sheila Wakefield made me laugh when she introduced Tom as chief male squirrel and Kathleen Kenny (another fine local poet) as chief female squirrel. We moved on to the Bridge Hotel afterwards for drinks and a chat.

Just watched We`ll Take Manhattan, loved it! It`s great to learn about someone who was revolutionary, a trail blazer in their own time. David Bailey, photographer, disregarded what he was told and went with his own ideas and creativity. The documentary afterwards was fascinating. "I just want the person" He`s not interested in what they are wearing or how they hold their hands. Loved his studio, a place to make a mess. That`s why I love going to High Bridge Studios once a week, charcoal, pastels, paint, coffee rings on the table, it doesn`t matter. And no distractions of home and everything that involves, peace, no tv, just by myself, me myself and I.

Just aquired a book "The World`s Best Photographs, printed in 1947 and packed with a huge range of material from buildings, onion peeling, Pics from parrots, planes and pigeons, nudes, nature and Nagasaki (1945 - atom bomb explosion on 9th August) All black and white shots which show light and dark superbly, I will use some of these to practise my drawing.

O and A are interested in seeing the studio, so maybe this week or next sometime I can take them along. O - to paint there and A - to take photographs.

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