Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Borderline Books

We now have a fridge and can keep milk for our regular cuppa`s. A continues to make the most lovely banana bread, flapjacks and corn bread to keep us going. I did try to offer the healthy option this week by bringing strawberries and cherries, but A reminded me that we are in the middle of winter, so we stuffed flapjacks and tea! I had taken advantage of 3 for 2 Cadbury`s Twirl offer and also ate one and a half of those as A wasn`t interested.

The books still keep rolling in and it`s always a surprise to open each box to see what`s inside. We now have a large selection of children`s literature in many languages, which we leave for when M brings her school children on a sorting and classifying trip. It`s great that young people can be encouraged to have a love of books, how to look after them and learn how to decipher the languages in which they are written.


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