Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Don`t Cry For Me Argentina

What have we learned from Margaret Thatcher`s attempt to divert public attention from her shite policies. When politics aren`t working to your advantage cause a war, now it`s happening again, Cameron is following suit. Why should British people think that they can just aquire an island and live there? Maybe our colonial past tells us that it`s ok? Here we go again

Decided to pick up where I left off from my teens and get back into drawing. Have the use of a studio in town courtesy of a friend who can`t use it on certain days. Thoroughly enjoyed being part of a life drawing group in the studio last Saturday and will certainly be there again in two weeks. Not sure if there will be a female model, first one was male. The room was packed, I worked on a wooden easle and we did around 8 two minute sketches of different poses. Didnt enjoy this, and was thinking that I wouldn`t go back, but once we got into the more detailed work of 40 and 20 minute drawings I felt right at home.

New-ish tapa`s restaurant in town, Las Iguana`s is a great place to be. Been there half a dozen times and loved it. Coconut chicken and choriso sausage washed down with a Dark and Stormy cocktail, mmmm. Course the company helps. Around 20 of us and great switching seats to chat.

Jacky Pittam`s art exhibition at People`s Theatre was amazing. She works from home and has a room to make a mess in. I find too many distractions at home and enjoy the perfect peace of being in a studio.

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