Thursday, 13 January 2011

Stephen Tomkinson at Live

Had an invite to the launch of forthcoming events at Live Theatre. Stephen Tomkinson spoke of looking forward to working on Faith and Cold Healing. He`s from Stockton and feels like he`s coming home when he`s in the North East as he spends time in London and also travelling with his role in Wild at Heart. He was really relaxed, sitting on the stage and chatting to Max from Live. We watched excellent clips from Micky who appears in Singles and Beccy in Sawdust and Stardust.

I`m on the current writer`s group at Live and will begin the first session next week. If it`s anything like the Introduction to Playwriting course, it`ll be brilliant.

Watched Trevor Macdonald presenting The Secret Mediterranean - Tunisia. He went to a bull fight. The bulls have ribbons on their horns which are snatched off by runners. The runners escape by leaping over the boundary walls of the ring as the bull chases, no animal is harmed. Why can`t the Spanish adopt this method instead of killing the poor creatures?

Loose Women - some of them admitted to having personal shoppers. I too can share in this, my shopping is done personally by me!

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