Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Off Side Rule

Maybe the reason why some women don`t understand the off side rule could be because the men are crap at explaining it! Every time I`ve asked husband, son any old man around, they all say the same thing "Well....its a bit complicated to explain." then they don`t bother. Could be that they don`t know either? Or even - because the game only involves two teams kicking a ball into eachothers nets, they somehow have to invent something to make it appear more interesting. But if you`re getting 1 million a year, you`ve already been warned for behaving like a 12 year old, wouldn`t you at least try to pretend that you were a professional? But it`ll be like everything else - for instance when a politician/celebrity gets a bollocking and is sacked (e.g. Johnathan Ross) they lie low for a while and when they think everyone has forgotten about it, lo and behold they`re back.

On the bus, there were 2 buggies already on and a mother with a third tried to board. The driver refused and it didn`t half cause a fuss. The women were saying things such as "It`s bloody terrible, other drivers let three on" and "Some of these drivers aren`t worth a light" etc then a bloke got involved "It`s up to the driver, he can use his own discretion whether to allow two or three on." and "It`s for health and safety reasons" and "What if a wheelchair gets on"

As this was all going on, a mobile phone sounded with Lulu`s Shout as the ring tone. A fella in his sixties wearing a Northern Rock baseball cap and carrying a Use me again carrier bag answered but was struggling to hear among the kerfuffle. I love being on the bus!

Saw Singles at Live Theatre, comdy monologues presented by members of Live`s Youth Theatre. It was hilarious, but all of the pieces had a sting in the tail. These young un`s can really act.

On a visit to a lady who lives in Knotts Flats at North Shields. her place is right at the top with fabulous views across the river. We went for a walk along towards the Collingwood memorial, didn`t even know it was there. She gave me some letters sent between her mother and father during WW2. They are in Airgraph form and in fabulous condition. I took them to a session I did at a care home and one man, who will be 105 in February, wearing his Green Howards tie was amazed to see them, it brought back memories for him. I have received the gas mask to add to my collection of objects to use during the memory sessions. This one isn`t WW2, but from Lithuania and quite new. WW2 models tend to have asbestos in them so I thought it best to use this one as people will be handling it. Still can`t find a mushroom shaped top and whip, I only have the cone shaped one.

Been involved in a project by Julie Ballands and Taryn Edmondson. Julie produced the Woolly West cd about a group of women in the West End who represented their area in knitting. There were buildings, rag and bone men, buses, tanks and gardens - all knitted beautifully. The lasses are filming local people and recording their memories. I`ve read a piece I wrote, stood on the land where my house once stood and travelled on the number 1 bus and submitted photos from my past. Looking forward to seeing their finished work.

Met old school pals Kath and Peter at the Old George. kath is visiting from Woodbridge and is trying to fit everyone in as well as taking her mother out and about, so it was great to catch up. We were joined by blast from the past Martin who delighted us all with his anecdotes. I`d love to record his memories, but I don`t suppose I`ll be doing another book, but it would be good to get the accounts on cd.

Had a lovely cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate mousse cake at La Boca Cafe, who needs an off side rule when you`ve got cake?

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