Monday, 1 November 2010

Westenders book launch 30th October

What a day on 30th October! We set up the St James Heritage Centre Hall ready for the launch of Westenders. Around 70 turned up and we sold 52 books. There was a great atmosphere, people eating scones and drinking tea, looking through the photographs from the collection. Stephen Watson set up his drawings which are excellent, he`s now working at Beamish Museum getting togged up in period clothing.

We then went on to the Slug and Lettuce for a coffee. Then straight to the West Denton Fire station where I had booked the room for the Benwell Reunion. I set out the tablecloths,white with black lace ones on top and Poundland spooky paper plates, when all the guests came they put out food they`d brought, the table was groaning. I set up a raffle and lots of great prizes were donated. Around 100 turned up, so I`ve easily raised the money to book the hall again for next year. Sold another 40 books.

Travelling back from town today a young lass boarded the bus with a huge pram which had a little seat and two wheels which attached to the back of the pram to accommodate a toddler. It took up all of the space on one side of the bus. A little old lady sat with a small shopping trolley on the other side. Then, another mother got on with her buggy. This was a big bugger too, so she struggled around the alleyway to fit it in. Then the first mother shouted across "It`s these shopping trolley`s that are the problem!" She`d be the same one who will complain about prams when she`s a pensioner. How does she think old people manage to go for shopping, hauling heavy goods with arthritic arms. Put your kid in a foldy up push chair for goodness sake. I suppose if a wheelchair user had got on she would have had something to say. Why don`t we all stay at home so that she can swan around with her armoured vehicle? Well, that`s my post menopause rant over, ahhhhh, that`s better. Now where`s my notepad, I`m just in the mood to send a letter to the council!!

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ILuvNUFC said...

As a regular bus user in Newcastle it's kind of sad to see the pensioners and young mothers go to war every day over space on the bus.
I reckon most of the warring parties, on the whole, show a lack of understanding towards each others needs and a serious lack of respect towards each other which is a real shame. This is not the Newcastle I was so proud to be brought up in.

For the record my lad is now 10 but when he was in his pram we walked everywhere, rarely ever thought of getting the bus despite not owning a car.

Anyhoo, on an altogether different subject, I need your help for a couple of minutes regarding a upcoming Scotswood page on my photos site. I could'nt find your email on this site but you can contact me at

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.