Monday, 8 November 2010

Books on Tyne

Took advantage of the free sessions at Central Library this weekend. Saturday, Peter Mortimer held a playwriting workshop. He listened as we took turns in speaking about our works in progress and gave advice. We all wrote something and received a critique. We made enquiries with library staff to see if Peter could take a day workshop. Sunday, Tom Kelly, poet and playwright gave excellent readings from his forthcoming book and recounted his memories from when he lived at Hope Street, Jarrow. A Greggs corned beef pastie later, I went to see Geoff Laws, cartoonist. He gave a great presentation of his work with tips and funny stories.

Watched Abigail`s Party for the umpteenth time on BBC 4 last night. Alison Steadman was also interviewed before the play started and I hadn`t realised that she was the eco friendly woolly hatted actress in Nuts in May, which I also loved.

To prevent D watching one of those programmes where people tell the world all their seedy secrets on live tv, I put Blue Peter on. A team of explorers went into a cave which over the years had amassed a floor of shit which had dropped from the entrance above. The occasional unlucky bat got caught in the pile to be eaten alive by the swarming masses of cockroaches. The floor actually looked as if it was moving. One lad moved a rock and the most disgusting creature the length of his forearm scuttled out, a scutigera. It`s a kind of centipede with the longest spindliest legs I`ve ever seen. As he was holding the rock with one of these buggers sitting on it, another ran out over his leg. Then, we saw one of them running along with a cockroach in it`s nashers. How people do these jobs!! Hearts of lions.

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