Friday, 24 September 2010

World`s Biggest Coffee Morning

Joined in with the Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning today. I donned my pinny and turban, told some jokes, monologues and passed around the memorabilia, flat iron, children`s games, plunger, rolling pin and the eternal dickie comb among lots of other stuff. Some of the young lads there were game to try some of the fashioned toys like the top and whip and diablo. Kevin stood in the stocks to be pelted by wet sponges for a small fee, Sylvia,Dorothy and Irene taught the men how to knit, there were raffles, bingo,cake decorating, fortune telling, cakes and cream teas and much more. Everything raised went to cancer research.

One lass I got chatting to had me in stitches with stories about her son who came home from school with news

"Mam, we`ve been learning about half a vegetable"

Turned out it was Harvest Festival.

Then when he sang a nursery rhyme Little Lucy`s Grandad which was his interpretation of Goosey Goosey Gander.

Aren`t kids great?

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