Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rewind the 60`s

Was contacted by Tyne Bridge Publishing to ask if I was interested in speaking about the
60`s for the BBC. A programme to be screened for a week on daytime television. I happened to mention that I often take a look in a vintage shop called Attica, courtyard of the Old George pub. They decided to film me there. I wandered around the shop looking at clothing from the period,trying them on and recounting memories.

No wonder filming takes so long. Three times I was in full flow with what I had to say and was stopped because the pub were rolling beer barrels along the cobbles outside. Lighting was a problem in the shop, being an old building and pretty closed in along an alleyway, but the cameraman had filters and other wonderful things which I knew nothing about.

Knowing that the programme would go out in October sometime, I thought that would be all I`d hear until they had an exact date. Received a phone call asking if I would like to go to London to be filmed on a chat show called Rewind the 60`s with Lulu as the presenter...would I ever!! I was suddenly slammed back to when I was 13 dancing around the jukebox to Shout at the Spanish City in Whitley Bay. Friend K asked "Find out what she does to look so young."

A taxi picked me up at home and I was taken to Central Station with tickets for King`s Cross and a tube ticket to Paddington. A taxi picked me up there and I was taken to Ramada Hotel. I was given a voucher for £100 for my evening meal. As my daughter in law B was already in London working on a contract I met up with her later at Charing Cross. We went for a meal and a few drinks. Got back to hotel around 10.30.

Picked up again by taxi after breakfast and taken to Shepherd`s Bush studios where I was met by Claire who had sorted me out at Attica. Makeup was first, wow what a revelation. Everything was put on with a brush, liquid makeup, blusher, eyeshadow...even the eyebrows. I have NEVER had eyebrows like this! I looked like one of those women in the before/after shows. In the green room I was shown how they had put the film from Newcastle together and it`s great. Then, Lulu came walking up the corridor, I could only see her from behind, she was so slim with a light jumper with tiny jewelly things on and a fabulous pair of beige suede boots over her knee with high heels. I could see even from behind that her hair was lovely.

Heard her talking to someone and Claire said "That`s Zandra Rhodes." I was gobsmaked, we loved her in the 60`s, her adventurous styles and the way she dressed. At this point I`m waiting for other people to arrive who are to be on the show, maybe someone from Newcastle? But, no it`s only me! I was taken onto the set before Lulu and Zandra got settled for a look around. Took photos. It was brilliant, white tv, huge white chair which I could sit in, record player that released 6 discs at a time and one of those rocket shaped lava lamps.

Back in the green room I could see Lulu and Zandra on set chatting, but couldn`t hear them. The BBC staff were brilliant, popping in and out to chat and offer me food and drinks. Then it was my turn. They were really friendly and made me feel right at home. Lulu commented that my complexion was lovely, I was chuffed. Lulu directed questions alternately to me and Zandra. She sat in a cream leather chair and we were on a sofa. I was asked for my address so that Lulu could send me some of her products.

Then all too quickly I was in a taxi heading for Paddington tube station.

Dragging my little trolley case behind me I realised that nothing was getting through to King`s Cross from the usual line, I had to go to Edgeware to get another tube out. On arrival at King`s Cross I had two hours to spare so I went out to St Pancras Station for a look around and something to eat. Couldn`t resist calling in to Bodyshop for an eyebrow brush and powder! Got carried away and spent another £26 on other stuff, but I bet the make-up artist at the studio spends heaps more than that!

On getting back to King`s Cross it was packed...some poor bugger had landed on a train line, so nothing was getting into King`s Cross at all. We all waited until it was clear then things got moving. People were complaining, but I know that I`d rather be sitting there than having a policeman knocking at my door to tell me that someone I loved had died in that terrible way. Wouldn`t like to be in that house.

I was expecting to receive a few samples of beauty products similar to what Avon give out, but NO. A massive parcel arrived with Lulu`s Time Bomb and Bomb Shell range. Friend K was at my house at the time, she said "Quick, Google it to see how much it is!" Day, night, eye, foot and hand cream. I`ve used it since, the fragrance is lavender and it`s so light. I`ve taken the hand cream around with me and my friends have tried it, everyone comments on how gorgeous it is. Maybe I can look like Lulu....but isn`t it strange to think of all those years ago when I was dancing around the juke box, Lulu was jetting all over the world, wearing the best clothes, staying in hotels and I was in Whitley Bay. It`s taken forty odd years to meet her, she`s still going strong and as popular. Our lives couldn`t have been more different, but we still share our memories of the 60`s as being the best era.

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