Saturday, 13 June 2009

Jimmy Forsyth, Photos from the 1950`s and 1960`s.

I rang Des Walton who was responsible for cataloguing the photos of Jimmy Forsyth at the library in the early fifties. He agreed to give the show, at 89 years of age and having recently been in hospital he did great. The event was well attended and as Jimmy had never seen the new building on Condercum Road, I asked Kelly his carer from the home he`s in if she could bring him along. It was great to see the two men together after all these years. Des was at Jimmy`s 90th birthday celebration, and now 5 years later they were together again. We saw the Scotswood Road and Elswick collection. Jimmy also has a new book on sale,Photos from the 1950`s and 1960`s.

Saw Val McDermid at the new library promoting her new book A Darker Domain. I was loathe to leave early, she can really hold an audience.

A brilliant night at the Jazz Club on Thursday 11th, Margaret Frayne singing, James Oates as compere, the brilliant Simma with his hilarious take on life and folks in the north east, Lorna Windham, novelist and short story writer had us gripped. Karl, as usual involved the audience with his off the cuff performance, Annie Moir was amazing and read from her new book Prague Soup. Jess astounded everyone with her new work, was a little aprehensive about performing, but she had us in stitches laughing one moment and crying the next. Simon and his hang drum hypnotised us all.

D was busy eating soup at the table where coat hangers were lying in a jumble. As I reached for one, it slid into his bowl. The look I got was enough to stun a camel, so I said "You`d think I`d thrown a horses head in there."

At B`s cafe La Boca this week with pal D. we were having a natter when a couple and two children came in, B said "What do people think this is, a cafe?" The business side of owning his gaff comes secondary to him enjoying himself. He is displaying new mosaic mirrors and a large Quentin Crisp painting. Also there is a bookcase and customers can bring a book they want to swap. I`m really chuffed with my myspace site which B has updated, he has organised a slide show style format for my photos. He`s a canny bairn despite all the insults.

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