Wednesday, 10 June 2009

And I`m not even wearing purple!!

One thing that really gets my goat is people who pick out random pieces of gherkin and lettuce from a sandwich as they are walking strolling around town. It is no matter to them, they have passed on, so it`s there, on the path for some poor unsuspecting sod to go their length. Passed a travel shop with a hatch outside offering free magazines, and there on the top of the pile, a pizza box and a crumpled bag.

Booked a week in Kefalonia, then we hit the cheapy shops for T shirts. The wardrobe situation for both of us needed attention. We started with his,I`m sick of forcing ironed items in, when he goes for a shirt it looks as though they haven`t been pressed. Two bin bags later, and that`s before we started on mine! Took the case from the loft. Tried my old trusty shorts on, had to put three pairs in the charity bag, too tight. This quaffing of the odd glass of wine in the week will have to stop.

G and E are collecting stuff for their new house apace, storing it at our gaff. D had a call on his mobile from G

G "Dad will you get me a case of beer on your way here?"
D "I was planning on going straight home."
G "Well I`m going to Stephen`s to watch the match, so could you bring it here then do some plastering for me?"

Added to this D is on one week leave, and has been at G`s house every day sanding, painting etc. I find myself looking at things in the bathroom which will be no longer there when G moves out and assessing how much space I will have. No more mouth wash, face scrub, gel shaving cans and towels on the floor, socks at the top of the stairs and worse thing of all, whisker shavings blown into my sink!!

Left my ancient Sooty cast puppets, five of them, with Barrington`s cleaners, I was a bit nervous as they are really old, but they explained that they had just cleaned a hundred year old teddy. It cost me ten pounds, but they were very manky and have turned out brilliantly clean and they came in a separate plastic bag, Sweep, two Sooties, Butch and Sue. Also have a new puppet from Canada, when I opened the bubble wrapped envelope, it was gift wrapped with ribbon, a fabulous little blue monster with teeth, a superman cape and green finger and toe nails. It is so well made, a packet of stickers in there a little crocheted cover for the birth certificate (When he was knitted 17/3/09 and information, please take a look if you do puppet shows The kids at nursery are going to love him.

Friend Kath came to stay with us at the weekend from Woodbridge. I was in the bathroom and overheard D talking to her, admitting that he shouldn`t have bought the caravan, ahhhaaaa, the first time he has admitted, but not to me, that it was a pig in a poke. It has never been anywhere, and now he has started stashing things in there, as if the shed and caravan and loft are not already full of shite!!!!!!!!! Well at least we`ve made a start on the wardrobes. But D admits that he bought the caravan "Because it was a bargain." so I guesss it falls into the same category as the three for two cereal offers, nowhere to put them when we get home. Why buy three, have to move them around to get to the plates and suffer great annoyance for the sake of a few pennies. The sugar puffs up end onto the shelf and it`s a chisle job to get them off. I`m of an age now where I need peace as any little thing can prod mutterings, muttings and tuttings Victor Meldrew style.

I did finally make a start on my wardrobe and only managed to part with four T shirts, I have a real problem, haven`t worn most of it, but I like the look of it. The tower of shoes are rising up like triffids crumpling the clothes hanging above. I needed my brown sandals, found one, raked the whole lot out onto the floor, thought I`d found the other, put everything back in and no second sandal. So I wore something else, couldn`t bear to go through that again. The root of the matter is that I can hear my mother`s voice saying "You payed good money for those!" hence the hoarding, but it does ease the burden of guilt to give to the charity shops, more often than not I come back with someone elses tat. Friend D informed me that 25% of the donated goods are usable.

D " A woman I know is a volunteer, one bag had a pair of rugby boots still caked in mud, they get dirty knickers and lots of trousers with holes in."

The culprits are probably the same buggers who throw their bits of cucumber on the path!!!! Well that`s my menopausal mithering done for the day ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
And I`m not even wearing purple.

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