Friday, 15 May 2009

Monkfish Productions Poetry Booth

Husband D is furious at the swindling politicians "We have to buy our own toilet seats like everyone else. What exactly DO they spend their wages on?" Makes the situation even more infuriating to know that they are considering the abolition of free bus passes for pensioners, as we only have three years to go, it will probably be decided for then!!! I`m depending on that pass, I`ll probably need to get out a bit more often if we both decide to retire together. Will be strange, all of a sudden both of us having so much time together. In contrast to these greedy gets, I was standing in the queue at the fish shop when the customer in front gave £1 back to the assistant who had given her too much change.And what a contrast to "Oh, I forgot that I paid off that £16,000 on my mortgage, silly me."

Found two great new puppets in a charity shop. The assistants were in deep conversation on the subject of swine flu as I approached the till

A "Wor Susan said ti me. Muther, if yee gan aroond wi one of them masks on aal nivor speak ti yi again!"
B "Well, they dee look daft." while arranging a guide to potty training a toddler and a pocket book on aeroplanes on the shelves.

Then the conversation turned to the problem of flies around hanging baskets.

What`s with the fashion of M.C Hammer trousers resurfacing, how they manage to keep them from falling around their ankles beats me, and those billowy backside blouses, when the wind blows, the air goes up them, do they want to look like pears?

Pinklane Poetry and Performance went brilliantly well, a wide range of great acts, music and comedy, people up dancing at the end and fantastic songs by Jazz singer Margaret Frayne with Melville the puppet (Puppeteer Mark Percy)

Gained experience at puppet shows at the local library, 100 children came through the doors, so I staged four shows. A bit scary at first, but by the last one I had gained more confidence, two more next week.

Loved the Poetry Booth event at Benwell Library on 13th May staged by Monkfish Productions. They set up between 2.00pm-5.00pm, a wide variety of poets from the very young to elderly. It was great to see groups of young lads sitting around a table discussing what to write for their performance.

Another good night at the Cumberland Arms on Thursday with Catherine Graham, Tom Kelly, Kate Fox and Kayla Fox performing. I read some of my new work, but need to finish some stuff that I`ve been working on, but it`s getting the time. If I didn`t have to go to work, I suppose I could run for parliament, fall asleep in the commons, do nowt for the wage, put a claim in to have my stuff published, hold a massive book launch with bottles of Bolly and caviar, then retire to my second, or third home while gaining interest on my massive offshore account. We will never know how much they really have ripped us off.

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