Sunday, 17 May 2009

Late Show

Newcastle has been buzzing with activity this Friday and Saturday.Late Shows from 7-11 and beyond took place around the city, art galleries, the new Central Library and the Lit and Phil all staged performance poetry, dance and bands.The Castle Keep stayed open and the Victoria Tunnel which stretches in warrens underground. Tyneside Cinema is built over an old monastery on Pilgrim Street, there are supposed to be ghosts galore, visitors took part in ghost hunts and late night screenings.

The new library is fabulous, loads of floor space, the archive is on the 6th floor and they have a viewing platform where views of around the city can be seen and photographed. Kate Fox performed her comic poems and held the audience with her razor wit, she engaged the crowd in an objects swapping game, which connected everyone there. At our poetry group we have been reading her Why I book of poems and her newest collection, Why Not I, is fun, witty and in her unique voice.

Took a trip to the quayside today, we called in to the Baltic, haven`t been in there for a while, so when we took the lift to the sixth floor expecting to find more gallery space, we stumbled into Six Restaurant, stayed and were served fabulous food, the staff are really friendly and a live guitarist with fabulous views of the riverside included. We will definitely be back. As its surrounded by glass, it was quite warm in there, but it`s been a hot day anyway, so I was surprised to see a man in his 30`s sitting at the next table wearing a jumper and a scarf tied double around his neck. When he stood up he was wearing knee length white shorts, white socks and trainers. It must be hard work and uncomfortable to stay in fashion.

Just stuffed a chocolate pudding with belgian chocolate sauce and custard, the pudding was best before 12th, so if I get the Brad Pitts later I only have myself to blame, but it seemed like sacrilege to waste it.

D is watching Britain`s Got Talent, the audience shouting Off,Off,Off. Went in to see what was going on and there`s a bloke flower arranging. Went back to the computer and heard husband D shouting "Come and see this little lad called Aidan dancing." Wow, what a fantastic dancer!!!!


Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I used to love going up to Newcastle when we lived in the North East, there really is tons to do and the atmosphere is great. Thanks for reminding me.

Yvonne Young said...

It`s the first Late Show that I`ve been to, but will be there for the next one. The tourist buses and local links were all free for culture vultures to spin around the venues. But, yes, there are lots of events anyway up here, too many sometimes, there are always a couple of great ones that overlap. You look so cute when you were a child in the nurses uniform and it`s a good picture of you on the magazine, keep gannin kidda in raising awareness.