Sunday, 15 February 2009

Springbank Social Club

Night out at the Springbank Social Club on Condercum Road. Brilliant vocalist Theo performing Soul, Motown, Reggae and Jazz. One to look out for. Should be the next X factor winner, has it in bucket loads. Another husband and wife duo, comedy act and vocals. Had the locals in fits of laughter. Loved the costumes. People have visited this club for generations. It stands on an old Roman site. Also further down the road, where sheep now graze, was the Charlotte Pit. The club owes it`s name to the fact that a spring does actually flow under the building towards the Tyne.

Advert on T.V gaming and gambling. Tempting the easily led with the carrot "Tickets as low as £1." They know that people will start with the low amounts then get hooked. It`s the old Poundland scenario, when has anyone ever went in there and spent only £1? I defy anyone to spend less than a fiver. I use their A5 hardback writing books, 4 for £1 offer, use them for interviews, poems and observations.

I`m part of the line up for the Ten by Ten at the Cumberland Arms again, have some new poems and will be dressed as Florrie. Comedy is not the only medium I am into, I do miserable too, for some venues it`s an absolute requirement, but as a fellow drinker and performer I know once said

"I don`t want to be crying into my pint all night."

So plumping for laughs on Thursday. Also at the Jazz Club on 12th March.

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